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During my career at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil (UFRGS) from 1976 to 1995, in addition to teaching and supervising students, I wrote several academic papers based on research. However, it was only after I retired that I published textbooks. My best known work: Projetos de estágio e de Pesquisa em Adminsitração (Management student´s projects and dissertations), was first published in 1996 by Editora Atlas. This is now in its 3rd edition (2005). The book was written based on my teaching and supervision of student´s projects and dissertations. It is, thus, a guide to internships, student´s projects, case studies and dissertations in Management. The book is especially appreciated by students because it addresses the scientific method on the basis of theoretical and practical problems peculiar to the management area.

Teaching through concrete cases based on the reality of organizations is a rare practice in Brazilian universities. I always knew that the use of such teaching method would depend amongst other things on the existence of local cases and we didn´t have them in sufficient number in Brazil. So, after I got familiar with writing techniques (through literary writing) I felt empowered both to write and to teach how to build such texts that, after all, resemble non-fiction texts. Through a survey amongst Brazilian faculty, I learnt about their specific writing difficulties. I also started teaching writing workshops and then I wrote the book: Como Escrever Casos para o Ensino de Administração (How to write teaching cases in management). The book was co-authored by the linguist Francisco Fernandes and published by Editora Atlas in 2007. It contains ten chapters. It starts with a case written by us in order to exemplify the writing cases process. The following chapters detail each step of this process and the last one concludes with suggestions for the classroom application of the case. At the end of each chapter, there are exercises to help readers to write their own cases.

How to write teaching cases in management - Dr Sylvia Roesch

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Management student's projects and dissertations - Dr Sylvia Roesch

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