Como Escrever Casos para o Ensino de Administração (How to write teaching cases in management)

How to write teaching cases in management - Dr Sylvia Roesch The book teaches how to write managerial stories to be applied in the classroom. The authors present all necessary steps to assist the case writer: setting educational goals, defining organizational problems that represent these goals, data collection, structuring, writing cases, and the devising teaching notes for the use of cases in the classroom.

Application: This book is very well structured and referenced. I think it is obvious that the writer is committed to encourage the writing of cases that are relevant to those who read them. This is a question I have well in mind regarding both Portugal and Brazil. Teaching via the case method by using cases completely inappropriate to the local context is bad education and harms this teaching method. This book is aimed at all professionals in management education who are interested in writing their own cases. (Dr. Luís Araújo, University of Lancaster, England).

Published by Editora Atlas
ISBN: 0101-56-695

Out of print.
An electronic edition will soon be made available for free on this site.