Projetos de Estágio e de Pesquisa em Administração (Management student’s projects and dissertations)

Management student's projects and dissertations - Dr Sylvia Roesch This is an essential guide for students, lecturers and professionals who need to prepare projects, internships, theses and research in organizations. It deals with topics and types of projects relevant to the area of Management and related fields. It offers means to identify problems and opportunities and suggests organizational methods and techniques for gathering and analyzing information. The advantage of this book is to explain the scientific method via examples taken from theoretical and practical problems of Management. This helps the readers to easily understand the concepts and applications presented.

Application: The book was written both to help teachers to supervise their students’ projects and theses and to provide a guide for students and junior researchers to build their projects autonomously.

Published by Editora Atlas
ISBN: 85-224-4049-2

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Available in the following languages: Portuguese.

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