Frank’s Secret

Frank's Secret - Dr Sylvia Roesch


Frank wants to attend the town´s annual festival. After being teased by his brothers, he chooses to stay at home. Luckily, he receives a visit from a mysterious boy who takes him by spaceship to the parade. A light and entertaining tale, containing fantasy and word games.

Illustrated by Petra Elster.

Translated by Juliet Attwater.

Recommended age: 5 to 7 years old.

Published by: Editora InVerso.
ISBN: 978 85 5540 049 0

Author’s words

At Carnival time in Southern Germany, where some of my own family live, there is a tradition of revellers throwing sweets to those watching the parade of floats in the town’s main street. All the children carry bags to collect goodies and compete to see who has the most. This scenario inspired the story “Frank’s Secret”.

Frank, the boy in my story, wants to collect – at least once in his life – more sweets than his older brothers. He is helped by a boy from outer space called Knarf, who takes Frank by spaceship to the parade.

When reading aloud “Frank’s Secret” in schools, I have observed that children are intrigued by the visit of the space boy with magical powers who also uses a strange language. Teachers have noted their pupils’ keen interest in guessing the meaning of Knarf’s language and suggested that this book could assist with the development of literacy.

Reviews by children

“I liked the part where Frank and Knarf went to the parade by spaceship.”

“Making fun of others is not cool, no. Fly a spaceship is cool, even if Frank was sad. Counting sweets, great!”
Frank's secret - Dr Sylvia Roesch

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Available in the following languages: English, Portuguese and German.

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