O mistério da mesa arranhada (The mystery of the scratched table)

The mystery of the scratched table - Dr Sylvia Roesch


Julian’s mother finds her new table mysteriously scratched. Julian with the help of his pet parrot Lordinho attempts to find out who is the culprit and for that he suggests various suspects to his mother: toucan, crocodile, jaguar, beaver and a mouse. After many false leads, everybody is surprised to know who scratched the table and for what reasons. Read to find out. The story is illustrated by Petra Elster.

Recommended age: children as young as 4 years old.

Extract of a “prescription” of the book, created by 8th Year students of a school in Brazil:

“This book is suitable for small children and may be extended to adolescents, adults and elderly public. It reduces stress, brings back the joy and harmony of the day; reduces fatigue and body aches.”

This book is a recommended reading for the 3rd Year curriculum of primary schools in 2013 by the Government of São Paulo.

Published by Editora Mediação
ISBN: 978-85-7706-059-7

Author’s words

I wrote this book as a gift to Julian, my first grandchild. Julian is the main character. Also to honour the only pet we had when my children were small: a parrot which was great fun for the whole family, whom we call Lordinho, whose haughty posture reminded one of an English lord.

The main plot is the mystery of “who scratched mother´s new”. To introduce suspense, some false clues are presented, leading up children to interact with the text. All animals imagined by Julian would have the ability to scratch the table. All one can do is to look at the sharp claws of the jaguar, the beak of the toucan, the alligator teeth. There are still a rat and a beaver in the story. The latter, an animal familiar to my grandson who lives in Europe.

The “flashback” in the middle of the plot of the mystery concerns the origin of the parrot and how he settled in the apartment, where he is now living. Thus, this book allows the discussion of the environment and the preservation of endangered species of animals.

It took me a long time to produce this book. My conversation with illustrator Petra Elster has led to a perfect integration between text and image. I hope the book arouses in children and adults memories, fantasy and imagination far beyond its pages.

Reviews by children

“Your story is great. I like the toucan, the crocodile, the jaguar and all the other animals.”

“The jaguar is in the kitchen and wants to party. But how did it leave the forest?”

The mystery of the scratched table - Dr Sylvia Roesch

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Available in the following languages: Portuguese.

O mistério da mesa arranhada from Editora Mediação
O mistério da mesa arranhada from Livraria Saraiva
O mistério da mesa arranhada from Submarino
O mistério da mesa arranhada from Miúda Books

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